About Us

Welcome to Mortgage Gold! With close to 25 years’ experience in UK mortgage advice, we will support you all sectors of the industry! Including, the most suitable mortgages in the UK, Mortgages for first time buyers, Mortgages for buy-to-let, Residential mortgages and more!

Having started our journey at one of the UK’s biggest mortgage companies, you will be sure to be looked after and supported during your journey and remember- we are completely fees-free!

Meet The Team

Guy Maloney

I was born and raised in Reading and moved to the south-west for university. Once I had completed Uni, I decided to pursue a career in mortgages and haven’t look back since! I love my job and helping people. It’s my pride and joy. In life, I put my all into helping people and that reflects in my work.

Clarissa Bellavia

I grew up in Bath and became a mortgage broker early in my adult life. It soon became my passion and after many years working for one of the largest mortgage firms in the UK, felt as though I was brave enough to start my own company with my partner, Guy. Putting all our efforts into creating Mortgage Gold was amazing and now that we have our own loyal client bank, it is a joy like none other.

Some of our lenders include: